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Diane is an avid article writer and published book author in the field of Federal & Military to Civilian Career Coaching and Professional Resume Writing.  Her books include: The New Senior Executive Service Application; chapter author in The Federal Resume Guidebook and Ten Steps to a Federal Resume.

  • The New Senior Executive Service Application
    “Writing the Traditional ECQs and the New 2011 Five-Page Senior Executive Service Resume” Buy now on Amazon…

Diane’s resumes and cover letters are also repeatedly published in 60 plus books and periodicals including:

  • Federal Résumé Guidebook 3rd, 4th, and 5th Editions
    (Diane Authored two chapters: Military to Civilian and SES )
  • 101 Best Dot.Com Résumés
    by Block and Betrus, Published by McGraw Hill
  • 202 Great Résumés
    Block & Betrus, Published by Mc Graw Hill
  • Best Résumés and CVs for International Jobs
    Published by Impact
  • Best Résumés for People Without a Four-Year Degree
    Published by Impact
  • Cover Letters That Knock ’em Dead
    Martin Yate
  • Résumés That Knock ’em Dead
    Martin Yate
  • Résumés for Dummies
    Kennedy (RP Contributor)


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We remain cutting-edge by submitting résumés for publication (by invitation) for books and periodicals covering varied industries and employment levels.

The bottom line—Career Marketing Techniques is committed to seeing you succeed in your career search and future career endeavors!

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