Module II: Meet the Client

  • Career Purpose
  • Career Values, Interests, and Motivations
  • Goal Development
  • Personality & Assessments
  • Client Career Scenarios

In Module two you will guide your clients to identify their purpose for hiring you, for seeking new employment, and pinpoint that which drives your clients’ career decisions.

Additionally, this Module provides training in coaching your clients to identify their career values, industries, and professional interests—and how these factors contribute to a satisfying career…or not.

The goal development section leads your clients (and you) to set and get goals (and there are many exercises provided).

You will review personality and career interest assessments to learn what makes your clients tick, and help your clients to understand what makes them tick — does their personality get in the way of their career successes? And learn how to quickly assess your clients.

Module two ends with reviewing client career scenarios…where are your clients’ starting points? Do they love their jobs and dislike their compensation or …?