Module III: Career Coach Communications

  • Listening
  • The Query-based System
  • Energizing the Thinking Process & Heighten Awareness
  • Brainstorm & Breakthrough
  • Stretching the Comfort Zone and Reaching for New Horizons
  • Chief Motivational Officer
  • Tough Clients and Coaching Through Circumstances
  • Coaching in Action

Module three delves into Career Coaching Communications focusing on listening and asking questions (learn to master these skills): It’s not about us; it’s about the client (listening); and ask gripping questions to get your clients to think.

Some clients don’t like to think and they would prefer that, you as their coach, do the thinking for them. But you can coach your clients to think for themselves, brainstorm, and attain breakthroughs; and then accept challenges to reach for new horizons. As your clients’ Chief Motivational Officer, you will inspire them to set and get their goals.

Despite your title as CMO, you may encounter clients who bring tough, real-life circumstances to the coaching sessions, and you will develop coaching strategies and appropriate questions for clients in the grief cycle (laid off, fired, retired, etc.), shy clients, overwhelmed clients, the “I can’t” syndrome clients, and others.

Finally, Module three ends with a live coaching session.