Module IV: Intelligence Collection

  • Research
  • Networking: Circle of Influence & The Effective Network
  • Professional Career Development Dialogues
  • Powerful Value-based Résumés and Written Career Search Management Documents
  • Value-based Messages & Headlines
  • Endorsements & References Upon Request
  • Sample Career Marketing Documents
  • Career Management Strategies: Résumé Circulation & Online Technologies
  • Live Intelligence Collection Interview and Case Study

Module four focuses on intelligence collection and research; networking and the development of powerful dialogue strategies; and value-based resumes and other written career search documents including designing focused, branded, concise, and value-based messages and headlines.

Once the written documents are drafted and the dialogue scripts are set, your clients need to implement a full-scale career search campaign using multiple strategies available in the marketplace today.

Finally, Module four ends with a live intelligence collection interview and case study (including a completed resume).