Module V: Script for Career Success

  • Interviewing Dynamics
  • Communication Styles
  • Dress for Success & Image
  • Salary Negotiations
  • Benefits and Offers
  • The Career Search Marketing Action Plan—Put the Program Together: The 5 P’s
  • Congratulations! You Got the Job!

In Module five, your clients, under your lead, script their career success action plan as they prepare for interviews and salary negotiations. “Let’s Dance” – The real reason for an interview is so the hiring manager can find a great partner. Your clients can also interview the interviewer, by learning communication styles (Auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic), learning about the company and its culture, and understanding the importance of salary negotiations and benefit packages.

Dress for success and image are critical elements of interviewing: You cannot take back a first impression — but maybe you can use a band-aid (includes image example on DVD).

Finally, your clients will build a career search marketing plan and put the program together to successfully seek employment using the 5-Ps: Career Search Purpose, Career Search Planning, Career Search Preparation, Career Search Practice, and Career Search Perseverance. Once they have persevered then you can coach them on making a first good impression on the new job to ensure continued career success.