The Latest Job & Career Search Trends, Tips and Tactics

Career Search TrendsAs many of you know, job and career search strategies are changing fast!

A few months back, I attended and spoke at an event called “Brain Day.”

If you’re not familiar with “Brain Day,” it’s an event where career professionals meet to brainstorm trends and best practices in the now, the new, and the next in careers. Events were held in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Russia. It was an extraordinary day!

The event is presented by the Career Thought Leaders Consortium.

I’ve attached the Event White Paper here.

On this paper, you’ll find hundreds of valuable facts, tips, insights and more.

USA News/Money wrote a nice wrap up of the conference and listed 10 Emerging Job Search Trends

Here are just a few of our favorites from their article:

  • Mobile apps will be the next big thing for applying for jobs. This trend has already emerged and is projected to grow rapidly.
  • Resumes will become an aggregation of social media. Some project less content but with more links to work projects, social media, video bios, contact options, infographics, and other online bio bits.
  • Younger job seekers approach career communications differently. Millennials are more comfortable with video and online representation. They think a paper resume is stagnant; they can’t “post or tweet” it. They are shunning email.
  • People are being hired without an in-person interview. Skype or Facetime may be used to replace face-to-face interviews altogether, saving companies money.
  • Mindvalley is a company that is leading the way in networking. They host large company parties and have all their employees bring their two smartest friends; they routinely poach people from McKinsey and Google. Instead of spending $3K on a job posting, they will spend $3K on a party for their employees.
  • Career professionals project a new economic model where people have multiple revenue streams instead of one job. By 2020, the prediction is that 50% of employees will work project to project; many will be self-employed.

Are you using the latest tips and tactics in your job & career search? By researching and utilizing these strategies, you’ll place yourself at a definite advantage over other job seekers.

Whether you are in the job/career search market, or working to coach others, these insights are extremely valuable and I hope they help you!




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