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Career Marketing Techniques is current with federal applications and vacancy announcement procedures. We understand the timelines for submitting federal resumes and resumixes, and we write keyword-rich resumes to ensure that you qualify for federal positions. Diane Hudson Burns is a well known expert and consultant in the federal & military resume and career coaching field.

Diane lived and worked in Germany for 12 years, refining her expertise for writing and submitting federal resumes (her firm evolved with the transformation of the SF171 to the OF612, to the Federally formatted resume, and the USAJOBS resumix). Career Marketing Techniques recognizes the vast differences between corporate sector application & resume procedures and federal government procedures. We’ve been writing successful federal resumes since 1993.

Many clients call and say, “I submitted my resume for a federal position months ago, and I have never heard back. Can you help me?” In many cases, these individuals submitted a “two-page, corporate-style resume” as opposed to a Federally Formatted Resume (with Federal elements) or electronic Resumix. Understanding the requirements eases the stress.

Strongly Qualifying You

We know how to read and translate Federal vacancy announcements. We develop and articulate individual government resume packages, complete with appropriate keywords, focusing on your key strengths, core competencies, and major accomplishments, to meet the criteria of open announcements – strongly qualifying you against established ranking factors.

Applications range from hard-copy, full blown multipage resumes with Federal elements (supervisor’s name and phone); to short, 3,000 characters per job entry or 20,000 characters per resume (including Federal elements).

Some applications use lengthy self-assessment questionnaires, used for pre-screening (I reviewed 87 questions with a client last week for an HR Supervisor position); or multi-question Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities statements (KSA), ranging from 2,000 characters to 8,000 characters per essay. Some announcements indicate selective or screen-out factors (foreign language requirements, active top secret clearance level, 50 mile or less commuting distance, etc.).

We compose the following Federal resume documents

  • Federally Formatted Resume (hard copy / presentation style | GS-5 to GS-15 and NSPS Pay Bands: Standard: YA, YB, YC, YP; Scientific & Engineering: YD, YE, YF; Medical: YG, YH, YI, YJ; Investigative & Protective: YK, YL, YM, YN)
  • USAJOBS.OPM.GOV (3,000 characters per employment section | now used by several Federal Agencies including the Air Force)
  • Army Resumix (CPOL | 12,000 characters for the employment section)
  • Navy Resumix (7,500 characters per employment section)
  • DLA, DIA, FBI, CIA, and other specific agency Resumixes (character lengths per individual agency instructions)
  • KSAs and other narrative essay statements (between 1,500 characters to 8,000 characters per essay)
  • Senior Executive Service (SES)

Most Senior Executive Service applicants require a multi-page Federal resume and five essays addressing the Executive Core Qualification Factors:

  • Leading Change
  • Leading People
  • Results Driven
  • Business Acumen
  • Building

There are also very often additional Technical Qualification Factors that also require essay responses. These applications usually total about 25 pages.

We offer expert and certified Federal Resume Writing Services. We will be happy to help you succeed!

Simply contact us to discuss your need and requirements.

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