Teaching Job Search and Resume Application Procedures for Our Military

Federal job search and resume application procedures - San Diego
Having fun teaching Job Search and Resume Application Procedures for Wounded Warriors at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego

Every month, I work with our military teaching them job search and resume skills.

Often, I travel to bases around the world to do classes in person.

I am so very grateful for our military men & women and their dedication & service to our country!

I’m also grateful for the privilege to be able to work with so many really great people.

I wanted to do a quick post on some of my travels…

Here are just a couple of the classes I’ve been able to teach and the awesome people I’ve met:

– Job Search and Resume Application Procedures for Wounded Warriors at Camp Pendleton in CA Job Search and Resume Application Procedures - Ca

We had a great class & I met many awesome people.

One of my students, Jeremy Jordan, lives in Boise (my home town also) and his wife was there awaiting his return.

When I returned, I was able to go to lunch with his wife Allie.

Jeremy is to my right in the green t-shirt.

I was able to meet and work with other CPCC’s (Certified Professional Career Coaches) here also.

– Networking and Social Media for TAP, ACAP and Airmen and Family Readiness Specialists at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. Certified Professional Career Coaching - Germany

In Germany, we went over in depth on how to use LinkedIn to network and for job search success.

I was able to meet three CPCCs at Ramstein Air Force base including Susan Williams, who has worked with Diane on the phone for three years and coordinates all the webinars and CPCC registration I also train the Airmen and Family Readiness Assistance Specialists in monthly webinars with a group of career counselors.

The career counselors are online from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Turkey, the Azores, and in between. Topics include job search, interviewing, trends in job search, social media, networking, resume writing, career management, and more.

I’m having fun & just wanted to shout out how grateful I am to our military service men and women!

And… the privilege it is to serve you. Thanks! Diane

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