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Specializing in Federal, Military & Corporate Resumes

Does your resume express value to a potential employer? With a quick 10-second glance by a recruiter…does it tell your brand and the value you offer the potential employer? Whether you are transitioning to civilian from military or federal employment, or seeking further corporate employment, we’ll help you package a successful career search tool.

Your Resume is the Cornerstone of Your Career Search Campaign Career Marketing Techniques develops comprehensive, strategic, and customized career management plans, including a full suite of savvy career-marketing documents.

These branded and targeted career marketing documents accelerate your career search (now and in future searches), promotions, and career transitions.

Offering over 25 years of unmatched quality and effectiveness, Career Marketing Techniques positions clients for life-long career success.

Competition for employment is extremely tight. Recruiters and hiring managers sometimes receive scores of resumes for one open position. Major online job boards boast the posting of millions of resumes. Will your resume stand out in the crowd?

We Deliver Your Value via Resumes & Collateral Career Search Documents Career Marketing Techniques helps you to identify the value you offer a potential employer, and professionally presents your qualifications, education, experience, and skills; targets your career search campaign; and provides you with savvy, career search management tools to aid in effective career search campaign management.

We package you and your credentials as the most valuable asset for your targeted position – with a power-packed career development strategy and professional resume suite – a full suite of captivating collateral career-search marketing documents to enhance your career search portfolio.

Skillful, Succinct and Articulate are descriptors used by Diane’s clients regarding the design and certified writing of their resumes.

We offer a  full-suite of career-search documents:

  • Presentation Resume
  • 1-page Summary Resume
  • Text version (online) Resumes (chock full of keywords to aid in navigating computer screenings)
  • Curriculum Vita (Academia & Medical Professions)
  • Covering Letters (Responding to ad, sending to recruiter, thank you letters)
  • Endorsement Page
  • Salary History or Salary Requirements
  • Interview Talking Points & Scripts to difficult questions
  • 30- or 60-second Introduction Messages (elevator speech)
  • Bios (Online,, Media, Starting a New Job, Military)
  • Press Releases

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