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Writing SES ECQs and The SES Resume – Instructions Book

The New SES Application“The New SES Application 2nd Edition”

New updated version!

“Writing the Senior Executive Service Traditional ECQs and the Five-Page SES Resume”

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Written by Diane Hudson and Kathryn Troutman


Attaining a position with the Senior Executive Service (SES) may be a culmination of many years of leadership experience gained in corporate America; or climbing the ladder through civil service, being groomed for SES—perhaps even completing an SES candidate development program.

Executives will be needed as current SES executives retire in the following three years.  These positions pay up to $179,000 yearly.  The new updated SES application will give you need-to-know information on any format for your SES job application. 

It may even be a lifelong dream, as one of my clients recently said to me after I worked with her to write her Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and she received two SES offers:

“You helped me transform my ECQs into a superb package. You also helped me attain a personal goal. I have been dreaming of this moment for 25 years. Thank you again for your professionalism, superb expertise, guidance, and perseverance. I could not have done it without you.”

The SES is seeking candidates who bring unique and productive solutions to address serious issues in our government today, and who have the vision and forethought to anticipate the needs, challenges, and issues of tomorrow. SES candidates must demonstrate passion and initiative with an ability to motivate, inspire, and lead people to embrace change and new ideas, while increasing productivity and driving results.

Those selected for SES positions are capable of managing resources (funds and human capital), integrating technological advancements into government activities, and tapping the expertise of coalitions to ensure the sharing of information and networking across far-reaching organizational and international boundaries.

The SES application package with executive federal resume and ECQs (or the five-page resume-based SES application) is the pinnacle of career search documents—a “super resume,” if you will—fully articulating a career history by recounting top-level leadership accomplishments through storytelling using the Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) model.

The application package is just part of a process to attain SES—a process that includes clearly conveying one’s career history in a well-expressed, persuasive, and powerful resume and ECQ/TQ essays, thorough analysis of the requirements of a position (including how to apply for a position), a structured/ behavior-based interview, possible additional assessments or interviews, and reference checks.

This book was written in a user-friendly, systematic manner to help you understand the nature of the SES, the process of applying for SES positions, and the proper way to develop and write your SES/ECQ application and prepare for the interview process, with a target of helping you reach your aspiration of attaining an SES position or positioning yourself to work toward your ultimate goal of reaching SES.

The New SES ApplicationBest wishes for continued career success!

Diane Hudson
Co-Author of “The New SES Application”

“The New SES Application”

“How to Write the Traditional ECQs and the New Five-Page Senior Executive Service Federal Resume”

Buy now on Amazon… 

Available in paperback and in Kindle format.

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“It is apparent to me that they have the experience, and they understand the process. You can rest assured that if anyone knows the process, Kathryn and Diane do.”
~ Bryan Hochstein, Hiring Expert formerly with Monster Government Solutions

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