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SES ECQ Writing Coaching - Senior Executive Service Core Qualification StatementsAs the co-author of The New Senior Executive Service Application , the first-ever book written on how to write the Five-page SES Federal Resume, as well as the traditional 10-page ECQ format, Diane is an experienced trainer in Senior Executive Service, ECQ/TQ, KSA, and Federal Resume Writing topics, and the structured interview process, as well as writer and editor of these comprehensive applications for SES Leadership Development program candidates.

Agency instruction experience includes Commander’s Leadership Development Program at the Naval Ship Yard, Air Force Headquarters, US Army Missile Command, Defense Acquisition University, EPA, PTO, and others.

Diane specializes in posturing federal and non-federal employees to enter the federal government’s Senior Executive Service (SES).

In a two-day workshop, participants will develop the outline for several ECQ essays, prepare the SES resume, and learn to map the ECQs. Additionally, participants will engage in a mock structured interview session with video play-back. We also offer one day and half day workshops.

If you or your agency / organization are interested in the SES / ECQ Writing and Interview Training course, please call Diane to define a program that meets the needs of your organization (half-day, full-day, two-day).

Diane provides Senior Executive Core Qualifications Statements (SES ECQ’s) workshops through The Federal Career Training Institute

SES ECQ Consulting, Coaching and Writing Services

Diane is a popular consultant and coach to senior executives who are disapproved by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Qualifications Review Board (QRB) and she coaches and rewrites packages for re-submission to OPM.

Diane’s writing track record for re-submission to OPM is 100% upon rewrite.

She is an expert in writing SES and ECQ packages, coaching clients to define their strengths, and persuasively demonstrate in writing their decision-making and leadership abilities, by “telling their leadership stories,” according to the ECQ leadership competencies/requirements.

She skillfully analyzes clients’ core leadership qualifications and maps them to the ECQ competencies, also preparing them for the SES interview process.

Comments from SES ECQ Training Workshop Participants

A number of participants in Diane’s SES / ECQ writing classes have stated that they wished they had learned about the leadership competencies, the CCAR (Challenge, Context, Actions, and Results) format for writing the ECQ essays and Technical Qualification statements, and developing the executive resume much earlier in their careers – even as early as GS-9. Learning early helps employees grow up the professional ladder, gaining leadership competencies according to the Leadership Journey chart (showcased in the book).

Here is a sampling of comments from course participants:

• “I wish the program was about two days longer.”

• “Diane Hudson Burns was Outstanding in presenting the SES ECQ writing materials!”

• “[I am] confident that I have to the tools necessary to pursue an SES position.”

• “I think the course provides a great understanding of the process and what will be required in the application process.”

• “I very much appreciated the personal touch to video the interview for play back.”

• “I wish I could tap into Diane’s brain. She’s extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.”

• “This was a very good presentation of an easy way to pull keywords and use them.”

• “I am extremely confident that the SES writing class will improve my chances of getting Best Qualified for an SES position.”

• “I personally wish the class could have been longer.”

• ” I very much enjoyed Diane Hudson Burns’ instruction and insightful, constructive reviews of my draft ECQs conducted in a one-on-one session. All of us had sufficient time to write ECQs and get feedback on our efforts. I’ll continue to complete and hone my draft ECQs, as well as amend my resume to conform to the principles I have learned from this class. Thanks!”

• “I did attend the ECQ writing course, and really appreciated it. I learned a great deal. The course was a perfect example of the old saying “the more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really know.” The instruction was great and targeted. I feel it helped me toward taking the next step in my career. As always, I wish it were longer… but it was truly beneficial.”

Simply contact us or call 208-323-9636 for more information on Senior Executive Service (federal government) Resume and Executive Core Qualification Statements (ECQs) coaching, writing or training.

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