The Latest Job & Career Search Trends, Tips and Tactics

Career Search TrendsAs many of you know, job and career search strategies are changing fast!

A few months back, I attended and spoke at an event called “Brain Day.”

If you’re not familiar with “Brain Day,” it’s an event where career professionals meet to brainstorm trends and best practices in the now, the new, and the next in careers. Events were held in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Russia. It was an extraordinary day!

The event is presented by the Career Thought Leaders Consortium.

I’ve attached the Event White Paper here.

On this paper, you’ll find hundreds of valuable facts, tips, insights and more.

USA News/Money wrote a nice wrap up of the conference and listed 10 Emerging Job Search Trends

Here are just a few of our favorites from their article:

  • Mobile apps will be the next big thing for applying for jobs. This trend has already emerged and is projected to grow rapidly.
  • Resumes will become an aggregation of social media. Some project less content but with more links to work projects, social media, video bios, contact options, infographics, and other online bio bits.
  • Younger job seekers approach career communications differently. Millennials are more comfortable with video and online representation. They think a paper resume is stagnant; they can’t “post or tweet” it. They are shunning email.
  • People are being hired without an in-person interview. Skype or Facetime may be used to replace face-to-face interviews altogether, saving companies money.
  • Mindvalley is a company that is leading the way in networking. They host large company parties and have all their employees bring their two smartest friends; they routinely poach people from McKinsey and Google. Instead of spending $3K on a job posting, they will spend $3K on a party for their employees.
  • Career professionals project a new economic model where people have multiple revenue streams instead of one job. By 2020, the prediction is that 50% of employees will work project to project; many will be self-employed.

Are you using the latest tips and tactics in your job & career search? By researching and utilizing these strategies, you’ll place yourself at a definite advantage over other job seekers.

Whether you are in the job/career search market, or working to coach others, these insights are extremely valuable and I hope they help you!




Teaching Job Search and Resume Application Procedures for Our Military

Federal job search and resume application procedures - San Diego
Having fun teaching Job Search and Resume Application Procedures for Wounded Warriors at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego

Every month, I work with our military teaching them job search and resume skills.

Often, I travel to bases around the world to do classes in person.

I am so very grateful for our military men & women and their dedication & service to our country!

I’m also grateful for the privilege to be able to work with so many really great people.

I wanted to do a quick post on some of my travels…

Here are just a couple of the classes I’ve been able to teach and the awesome people I’ve met:

– Job Search and Resume Application Procedures for Wounded Warriors at Camp Pendleton in CA Job Search and Resume Application Procedures - Ca

We had a great class & I met many awesome people.

One of my students, Jeremy Jordan, lives in Boise (my home town also) and his wife was there awaiting his return.

When I returned, I was able to go to lunch with his wife Allie.

Jeremy is to my right in the green t-shirt.

I was able to meet and work with other CPCC’s (Certified Professional Career Coaches) here also.

– Networking and Social Media for TAP, ACAP and Airmen and Family Readiness Specialists at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. Certified Professional Career Coaching - Germany

In Germany, we went over in depth on how to use LinkedIn to network and for job search success.

I was able to meet three CPCCs at Ramstein Air Force base including Susan Williams, who has worked with Diane on the phone for three years and coordinates all the webinars and CPCC registration I also train the Airmen and Family Readiness Assistance Specialists in monthly webinars with a group of career counselors.

The career counselors are online from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Turkey, the Azores, and in between. Topics include job search, interviewing, trends in job search, social media, networking, resume writing, career management, and more.

I’m having fun & just wanted to shout out how grateful I am to our military service men and women!

And… the privilege it is to serve you. Thanks! Diane

Diane Received First Annual Industry Award 2010

CMA Career Industry Mentor Award

New Orleans, LA — May 1, 2010. At the 2010 Career Management Alliance event, The Alliance Master Team selected Diane Hudson Burns, Career Coach & Resume Writer; Director, Certified Professional Career Coach Program, Professional Association of Resume Writers; Federal Resources Expert; expert at; and principal of Career Marketing Techniques, as a distinguished recipient of the Mentor Award.

The Mentor Award honors individuals who have guided others in tradecraft, entrepreneurship, and community building.

“It takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to be called a ‘mentor’.” says Liz Sumner, Director, Career Management Alliance. “Through her dedicated teachings and contemporary wisdom, Ms. Hudson Burns has inspired her colleagues to step up their own levels of career management. She leads via her excellence.”

Ms. Hudson Burns has an especially strong record of writing career change and Federal government resumes with successful results for career transition and position placement. She has been quoted in major national newspapers’, including the Career Builder sections of The Baltimore Sun, the Los Angeles Times, and the Dayton Daily News.

Ms. Hudson Burns is an alumni of California State Polytechnic University-Pomona.

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A distinctive community that values the strength of diverse knowledge, the Alliance attracts members from assorted career backgrounds, such as resume writing, career coaching, career counseling, college and university career development, government and military career transition, outplacement, recruiting, and HR.

The Alliance mission is to bridge all sectors of the industry and provide the connections, the content, and the credibility that contribute to each of our members’ success and the overall visibility and of the careers industry as a whole.

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